Platforma për Dialog – Rritja e Përfshirjes dhe Pjesëmarrjes në Mekanizmat e Transparencës dhe Përgjegjshmërisë e Bashkisë Selenicë

Në kuader te projektit “Platforma për Dialog – Rritja e Përfshirjes dhe Pjesëmarrjes në Mekanizmat e Transparencës dhe Përgjegjshmërisë e Bashkisë Selenicë” mbështetur nga fondi i nën-grantimit “Lot 2 – Anti-korrupsioni dhe zhvillimi i kapaciteteve” në kuadër të projektit CIVILISC, zbatuar nga IDM dhe financuar nga BE, Bashkia Selenicë dhe Instituti per Ndryshim dhe Lidership ne Shqiperi organizojnë dy aktivitete informuese dhe ndërgjegjësuese me komunitetin dhe të rinjtë e Njësisë Vendore Armen.

Aktiviteti 1 

Vendi:             Bashkia Selenicë, Njësia Administrative Armen

Data:               02 Tetor 2017

Ora:                10:00


Qëllimi i aktivitetit: Të prezantojë projektin me përfaqësues të njësisë administrative Armen dhe komunitetin lokal; Të prezantoje ligjet dhe iniciativat e qeverisë mbi të drejtën e informimit, transparencës dhe antikorrupsionit.; Të japë informim mbi hapat e kryera nga Bashkia Selenicë mbi këtë inviative; Të tregoje rezultatet e pyetësorëve mbi njohurite dhe nevojat qe kane per informim komuniteti ne Bashkine Selenice; Te informoje dhe të diskutoje e siguroje përfshirjen e perfaqesuesve te komunitetit në Njësisë Administrative Armen në  format e angazhimit qytetar në monitorimin e planit të veprimit të programit të transparencës të Bashkisë.


Pjesëmarrës: Përfaqësues të Bashkisë Selenicë dhe NjA Armen, përfaqësues të komunitetit të NjA Armen, staf dhe ekspertë të projektit


Aktiviteti 2

Vendi:             Bashkia Selenicë, Shkolla e Mesme e Përgjithshme Armen

Data:               02 Tetor 2017

Ora:                12:00

Qëllimi i aktivitetit: Të prezantojë projektin tek nxënësit dhe mesuesit e Shkollës së mesme Armen dhe të diskutojë me ta mbi programin dhe ligjet e qeverise mbi të drejtën e informimit, transparencën dhe antikorrupsionin. Aktiviteti është pjesë e takimeve sensibilizuese me te rinjte  ne nivel lokal. Takimi synon që të informoje, ndërgjegjëesojë dhe të diskutojë forma të përfshirjes së të rinjve të Njësisë Administrative Armen në lidhje me te drejtat e tyre per informim dhe konsultim publik dhe angazhimi i nxënësve për promovimin e programit të transparencës dhe luftës kundër korrupsionit.

Pjesëmarrës: Përfaqësues të bashkise Selenice, nxënës dhe mësues të Shkollës së Mesme Armen, staf dhe ekspertë të projektit


The Leadership Challenge Albania

The Institute for Change and Leadership in Albania (ICLA) and Edil-Al Company Albania, in partnership with The George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership,

will organize the first workshop in the series of

The Leadership Challenge Albania

(Additional learning building blocks will be offered throughout the year and forward)

Date: November 20, 2014

Time: 08:30 – 14:00

Place:Rogner Hotel, Tirana– Room:London+Paris+Rome+Stockholm

Purpose: The workshop, “Increase Your Effectiveness and Success: Grow and propel the leader within you”, is designed for leaders who are willing to drive significant change in the Albanian’s society.

Our Promise: During this workshop, participants will gain awareness and be exposed to The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® through facilitated lecture and experiential learning.

The learning brings forth a piece of the research, which speaks to the successful stories of leaders worldwide. These people understand the challenges of change in the society, are passionate about their talents, build healthy working relationships, communicate clearly, inspire and achieve extraordinary results We are certain that you will discover and meet some interesting people with incredible stories, while uncovering deeply your own.

This is a unique opportunity to receive a Workshop Certificate from The George Washington University, Center for Excellence in Public Leadership.


8:30        Registration & Coffee

9:00        Introductions and Welcome

9:20        Your story of leadership – What brings you in this workshop

9:45        The Leadership Challenge Framework/Research (lecture + facilitated conversation)

11:00     Your Values and Vision (round table discussion)

12:15     Leadership Luncheon Speaker (Ms. Zerbanoo Gifford on Inspirational Leadership)

13:00     Group Photo- Getting to know each other better & Networking, Certificates & Lunch


Through a different set of workshops – Participants in The Leadership Challenge Albania will be able to:

  • Identify their own leadership strengths and areas for growth
  • Communicate fundamental values and beliefs
  • Focus people’s efforts on key values through their own actions
  • Understand and support the organization’s culture, its strategic direction, and their own contribution to the company’s success
  • Inspire others to share a common vision
  • Search for opportunities to take the risks needed for growth
  • Build collaboration, teamwork, and trust
  • Strengthen others’ abilities to excel
  • Recognize the accomplishments of others
  • Be able to initiating and sustaining fundamental positive change for their organizations and society

You can find more information at Invitation Leadership Challenge Event and


Collaboration | Leadership | New Organizations – It’s happening in Berlin: Oct 31 – Nov 2, 2014 (plus a post conference workshop)

It’s happening in Berlin: Oct 31 – Nov 2, 2014 (plus a post conference workshop) –

Berlin is where you meet the most interesting people… Berlin is where you hear the most incredible stories… Berlin is where you can learn, create and experiment with new things… With its vivid history, its diversity of people and cultures, its sweep in knowledge and innovation: Berlin is all about CHANGE!

The Berlin Change Days is the global Agora for people who are passionate about organizational and personal development. It is a forum where practitioners meet once a year to look at trends, hear about new tools, network and celebrate.

We are proud to announce the 2014 programme and the list of workshops. Our international conference team was overwhelmed by the number and the quality of workshop proposals. We indulged ourselves in all the interesting topics but at the end we had to make a selection. We interviewed all the applicants and the workshops that you will find on our agenda are the result of our effort – a mix of different topics and styles and geographical locations. Our facilitators come from North and South America, Africa, Asia and Europe and they represent different mental models of change. But they all have one thing in common: passion for their subject.

This year we have the pleasure to host one of the greatest thinkers and practitioners of our discipline. Daryl Conner from Atlanta (USA) will give a two days post-conference workshop on Character and Presence of the Change Facilitator. Don’t miss it!

What participants of earlier Berlin Change Days say about the event:

“It is one of the most important annual conferences for me to keep on track concerning megatrends, news in facilitation and consulting for “change”, and to meet inspiring people.”

“This event has made me realize that change-setting is never too late. We always have ample time. We just have to jumpstart it in our unique individual contexts and capacities. There will always be like-minded individuals who are willing to join.”

“I felt enthusiastic and full of new energy. The Berlin Change Days left me inspired and with concrete ideas for how to implement some of these ideas. Thank you very much for this great conference and the co-creation!”

“I feel thankful for the great opportunity meeting so many great people, changing thoughts and ideas and learning a lot. I take lots of inspiration into my work. Thanks to Holger and the team for organizing such a great event. Looking forward to meeting you next year. Good time!”