Our competitive advantages are

National and Global Coverage – The ability to deliver our services and expertise in Albania and in Western Balkans in business English and in national languages we represent, maintaining a constant high quality.
Multicultural and Multinational Approach – The ability to deliver in the cultural context of our clients. We have experience in many countries and with multinational corporations ( both business clients and International Organizations including UN Agencies, International NGOs etc) and thus able to bring in best practices from there. We maintain a close international network of 50 practitioners in CFAN who support and coach each other to accomplish individual and your organization’s goals.
Strong Body of Knowledge – We are well known for the knowledge and expertise in the development field ( UN, WB, EU and National / International NGO experience, Government at central and local level), Business Field, Partner of Energy8 ( tool for deep dialogue , change facilitation, identity search and strategy creator), Member of the Change Journey and access in the Change Management Tool book, the most cited web-reference on Change and the first hand access to knowledge generated by our global CFAN network. Our philosophy consists in Appreciative Inquiry ( AI) of working with the strengths of an individual and organization to overcome its weaknesses and challenges.
Next to You – We are present in the region locally AND have access to change experts around the globe to deliver our services to meet the specific organizational development needs of our clients. We are on the leading edge of organizational development, constantly learning from our own experiences worldwide and sharing those learning with our clients in person and through virtual cooperation platforms.